Window Cleaning

Reach & Wash and Traditional Cleaning

Window Cleaning is one part of home or business ownership that we simply take for granted. Traditional window cleaning has evolved over the years, and MS Cleaning Group are at the forefront of this evolution.

Since 2005 we have worked hard to enhance our systems and methods, and are proud to use and advocate the Reach & Wash System to give the best possible window cleaning while maintaining high levels of Health & Safety. Our Reach & Wash System allows us to reach upto 60ft without the use of a ladder, allowing us to clean the vast majority of buildings from the ground floor level.

MS Cleaning Group can undertake window cleaning in either a domestic setting or on a business premesis, and offer full Method Statements and Risk Assessments to adhere to Health & Safety Regulations. With the use of our Reach & Wash system, no building is off limits - even those with difficult to reach areas, such as windows above awnings or conservatories.

For customers who prefer a more traditional clean, where we climb a ladder and clean the windows from up-close, we can also cater to those requirements. MS Cleaning Group understands that some customers prefer this method, even though there is no difference in the quality of clean by either Reach & Wash or Traditional Clean. Both methods clean the windows, frames and sills to the same high standards.

MS Cleaning Group offers the following Window Cleaning Services:

  • Reach & Wash Cleaning - upto 60ft without the use of a ladder.
  • Traditional Window Cleaning
  • Window Frame and Sill Cleaning
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Method Statements

MS Cleaning Group can undertake contract work for commercial premesis, or can arrange local domestic cleans of windows and much more. Please Contact Us for more information.