Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning is one of the most over-looked aspects of Solar Panel ownership. An element that is seldom advertised by Solar Panel Installation companies, and one that can have a major impact on the Electricity Generation of the system.

Its no secret that Solar Panels are installed as a means of generating Electricity from the UV rays the sun emits every day, and that the cost of the installation is off-set by the electricity savings and even selling excess elecricity back to the grid. But what if that payback was actually being increased because your system isn't performing the way it is supposed to?

MS Cleaning Group have been cleaning Solar Panels for years, using the very latest in Reach and Wash technology. During this time we have conducted a number of tests that have shown customers can lose upto 30% efficiency through dirty panels alone. Our graph shows out findings where many customers with 2.4 kWh systems, producting just 1.6 kWh after just 12 months without cleaning.

With performance deteriorating month by month, failure to maintain cleaned Solar Panels could mean that the payback of your Solar Panel Installation could take even longer that proposed, upto more than a year. Even though Solar Panels are marketed as Self-Cleaning, there are many factors which prevent them from cleaning themselves properly such as; Periods without rainfall, deposits of animal matter such as bird droppings, leaves and moss, and even the dust and dirt found in the rain.

With adequite cleaning, this performance loss can be restored. MS Cleaning Group, using the very latest technology, can provide a numer of services in terms of Solar Panel Cleaning including:

  • One-off Solar Panel Cleaning
  • 12 Monthly Solar Panel Cleaning
  • 6-Monthly Solar Panel Cleaning (Discounts available for 6-Monthly Cleaning)

MS Cleaning Group can also undertake contract work for larger numbers of solar panels, undertake cleaning of solar panels on a commerical premesis and offer advice and guidance on Solar Panel Cleaning. Please Contact Us for more information.